Sunday, July 11, 2010

For All The Dogs I've Loved Before....

Some girls buy shoes. Some buy purses. Some buy makeup...well, I buy those things too but mostly...I buy dogs! I'll admit it, I have a problem. For those of you that know me; you are well aware of my problem. For those of you that don't know me...I will sound somewhat insane. (and this won't be the last time!)
I love the thought of dogs, mostly puppies. Once they arrive in my house; they drive me nuts and I make them leave!
There was Sam; the Golden Retriever. He was just way too big and thought he was my boyfriend and tried to kill my husband one day. So, he had to go. He went to a guy that took in Juvenile Delinquent Labs and Retrievers.
Chloe; a cute, fluffy, Blue Merle Sheepdog that we drove all the way to Ohio to buy. I don't even remember why I didn't want her but she ended up with a great owner.
Maisy; a Boxer. My husband picked her out. He went out of town and I found her standing on the dining room table one night. I sold her on Craigslist the next day. She ended up being a show dog. My husband...not too thrilled with me.
Mocha; a boxer/lab mix. I rescued her from a flea ridden trailer in NC. She brought a dead snake in the house....bye, bye Mocha! She went to a cute couple that still sends me pictures.
Nacho; a long-haired Chihuahua. So cute but he smelled like baby puke and peed on himself. So long Nacho!
So, after a lot of money and tons dog food... only Goliath, our Chihuahua remains. He is just crazy enough to fit in with our family. He wears a diaper called a "bad boy belly band" which makes him look like he's wearing a mini, he's definitely a keeper!
Actually, I feel like I am a dog match-maker of sorts. See, I spend the money on the dogs and then match the dogs to the best possible owner. I am not crazy at all! As a matter of fact; I'm a good Samaritan! I won't bring up the fact that I sold my son's parakeet at our garage sale...we'll leave that one alone for now.

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