Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes, RAGE. That is what self-storage facilities bring out in people. If you don't believe me, pack up a bunch of crap from your house and move it into one and then go there to find something and see what you turn into.
In the past, Rich and I used to store our items (aka: useless crap) in a small storage unit. So, let's get this straight. We paid $50 a month to store junk we didn't use that we didn't want to store in our garage, basement or attic. Yep, that is right. Anyway, we never went there because we didn't need any of the junk. So, I never had the "privilege" of visiting the storage unit. Well, this past summer, I lived at the storage unit. let's just call it #181. Since we moved from Charlotte to Chicago and back within 1.5 months; we needed to utilize #181...big time. We had to move our belongings from our home (that we just moved back into) and put it in the largest unit they had. Then we had to load our trailer, yes...trailer (we'll save that for another blog entry) and move the rest of the stuff that didn't fit to another, smaller trailer. To sum it was a nightmare! I can only hope and pray that there weren't hidden cameras that caught me as I transformed from a semi-normal person into a raging lunatic. If there was, you may see the actual event on Youtube one day. Let's just say at one point my oldest son found me perched on top of the highest box (9 feet up) staring at the back wall. "Mom? Mom? Are you OK?" "Do I LOOK, OK; Tyler?" Of course he found it amusing that I was 1 minute away from a straight jacket. Now, don't forget a storage unit is a metal coffin without any circulation and pretty much smells like toes at any given time.
After ,my semi-nervous breakdown; my attention was drawn to unit #170 where some pretty foul words by a fellow nut job were being shouted to his son. That made me chuckle knowing that I wasn't the only one riding this crazy train. I wish this was the end of my nightmare but we still have some stuff up in Illinois in #248 (the smaller one) which one day will have to be removed and transplanted in NC. The moral of my story is "You can't take it with you" pack it up, pay $70 a month and shove it in a metal coffin!

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