Friday, October 15, 2010


Well it's that time of year again. The time when McDonald's gives us an even bigger reason to roll into the drive thru...Monopoly is back! As if their fries weren't reason enough.
No one ever wins the big money anyway, right? Not so fast! I'm about to tell you a story that will make you want to buy a medium fry and a 6 piece nugget right now.
It was 13 year ago. My husband and I were both students and living off of student loans, no really that was our primary income. Good Times...literally, like the show "Good Times!"
Anyway, no matter how much money you have or don't have; we all have one likeness...Mickey D's!
My husband was determined to win the grand prize that year, One Million Dollars! I laughed at him while he bought endless amounts of Coke just so he could peel those little square stickers off. He would leave those game pieces all over the place and it was so annoying. I can't stand things on shelves or counters just sitting there for all to see.
He came home and we laughed because he peeled off "Boardwalk". I remember him saying; "Park Place" must be the hard one to get this year.
Remember that annoying pile of pieces? I decided he was never going to win and proceeded to throw out all of his precious collection. He came home later that evening beaming from ear to ear. "Holly, we're rich...I have Park Place!!!" You see, Boardwalk was the piece the whole world was looking for. Boardwalk was in the dumpster! Boardwalk was in the dumpster on garbage day! Boardwalk was in the landfill by now!
I had to tell him the news; "I threw it out." I turned white. He turned red! We both ran to the dumpster. We both climbed into the was empty except for a few leftover items.
Needless to say he was less than thrilled with me and I was sitting in a dirty dumpster crying. So, now every year when the Monopoly game comes out; I am reminded of this story.
At least when the McRib is back, he forgets all about it again!

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