Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Would you like CHEESE with that whine??

Taking your child to an indoor germ fest sounds fun, right? How about one with a giant rodent chasing you? Does it sound appealing yet?
I will admit it. If there is a birthday party invite that has the words "play land" written on it, the invite usually somehow gets "lost." You would think that having 3 boys would make me the play land queen...not so much. Play lands are for Rich to deal with...and he actually loves it and that makes it a win-win situation.

Well last week I thought I would surprise Jaxon with a trip to the big Cheese...Chuck E. Cheese. He was so excited and I, for one brief moment, actually felt bad that I hadn't made more of these surprise trips to Cheese Land. Then....I snapped back to reality. Let's relive the afternoon, shall we? We approach the building and Jaxon is in awe of all the lights and colors sparkling through the shiny windows. We entered the building both smiling and holding hands....the door opens and you are now in a line that looks like the VIP line into a club. Suddenly some overly happy child bouncer asks to see your hand to put some invisible mark of the beast on your wrist and one for the kiddo as well. That's fun and inviting. Welcome to fun land but in case there's a crazy on the loose ...here's a stamp. Anyway, we make our way to the counter and I must say the salad bar didn't look too scary and there is actually alcohol served. Of course who is going to order a draft beer at 11am and then expect to chase around a 3 year old.? ( Although, that does go along with the night club vibe. ) Jaxon, at this point, is still in a happy-go lucky mood. Smiling, running around....until it happens. The music starts, the curtain goes up and the dancing rat is on the loose. Jaxon is now crawling up my leg and yelling; "Get me outta here!" Um, excuse me? I just spend $30 on 10 tokens and a cardboard pizza...we are staying in this rat's nest.
Finally Chuck E. goes away and the fun begins again. So for the next hour or so it was .... Yippee, ha-ha and every 12 minutes it was: "Get me outta here!" Let's not forget that it smells like rotten cheese, diapers and kid sweat. I swear, for 150 tickets you should be able to choose Clorox wipes and if you hit 500 tickets...a bottle of Amoxicillan. Now I've hit my last nerve and last token so; "It's time to go, Jaxon." "No, I don't want to!" Hmmmmm...."Ok, then let's go find the big mouse behind the curtain." That worked like a charm. We waltzed out without Buddy the Elf bouncer even glancing at our imprints and that was that. I love my kids but I do not love play lands and that is why spending quality time with them at Starbucks works just as well. :)

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