Friday, August 31, 2012

Living a Thug Life!

It's been a while since my last post. Where should I begin? Let's see....
How about 5 months ago when I was followed by an undercover police car?!
So, I was driving home from work and decided to pick up some Portillos. (Never a bad idea, BTW.)
I was traveling through a little suburb north of Chicago and I happened to notice the Blues Brothers in my rearview mirror. Black car, tinted windows and black sunglasses. I knew it was an undercover police car. No biggy- I just made sure I wasn't speeding. (Although cold Portillos fries are never pleasant) Anyway, I would turn down a side street, they would turn down a side street. I would turn right, they would turn right. After going through the whole town with them behind me, I started to get a little creeped out. Now all of a sudden the theme song to Cops was playing in my head. It must be a coincidence! I haven't even had a speeding ticket in the last 10 years!!
All of a sudden the lights on their not-so-undercover-car go on- REALLY?! ME!? They waited until I got right in front of a parking lot full of people. Thanks for that!!
"Do you know why we pulled you over?!" "No!" "We've been following you for quite some time!" "No Kidding!?!" " Yes, I saw you" They didn't want my license, they told me I wasn't speeding. Great! What could it be? At this point another officer arrives, because it's not dramatic enough. I see them in the mirror, all three of them are smiling and look as confused as I do.
Wait for it......."We are with an undercover gang unit." "What does LKN mean?!" I about died!!
Have you ever seen anyone with a OBX sticker on their car? It stands for The Outer Banks. I had a pink LKN sticker on our SUV. LKN stands for Lake Norman, NC. I explained this to the officer. He said that the color is what confused them?! I guess pink isn't a normal gang color. He then told me that LKN stands for Latin King Nation and I was representin'!!
At this point, I'm dumbfounded and my appetite for Portillos is completely gone. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to run out but then I remembered I wasn't a celebrity.
He went back to discuss my explanation with the other officers. They came to the conclusion that the blonde in the SUV with the car seat was not a threat to society. I've been called many things in my lifetime but Gangster was a first!!

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